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This plan is not available in Missouri.

Self-funded and Level-funded MVPs: A Comprehensive Alternative to High-Cost Traditional Employer Healthcare Plans

One of the biggest challenges employers face is balancing the costs, risks and benefits of various employer healthcare programs. Absorbing the high cost of traditional fully-insured plans often means employees end up with lower quality coverage and a large deduction from every paycheck. This can also translate to low employee participation and expensive penalty taxes for the employer year after year.

Self-funded and level-funded MVPs through The Aliera Companies give employers a secure foundation for transitioning to a self-funding platform while offering employees the comprehensive coverage they expect at a considerably lower cost. Since these plans meet the requirements for both Penalty A and Penalty B, and they look and feel a lot like fully-insured healthcare programs, employee participation rates and overall workforce health tend to improve. This can lead to potential savings for the employer through reduced tax penalties and increased returns of unused premiums.


AlieraOne is a comprehensive self-funded or level-funded Minimum Value Plan (MVP) that meets both Penalty A and B to promote stable monthly costs and potential for premium ROI year over year. This is not an insurance product.

This plan is not available in Missouri.