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Self-funded and Level-funded MECs: A Fundamental Healthcare Plan Alternative for All Employees

Improving employee participation in group healthcare programs can be a formidable challenge for employers. Between balancing the costs, benefits and needs of all employees (from hourly, to management, to C-suite executives), there is no one-size-fits-all group healthcare plan for the masses.

That’s why the Aliera companies offer a full suite of employer healthcare solutions including comprehensive Minimum Value Plans (MVP) and Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans that are designed to stand alone or work together. Aliera’s suite of employer healthcare plan designs deliver a full spectrum of low-cost quality choices that will help increase employee participation and the potential for premium ROI, while reducing expensive penalty taxes for the employer year after year.

Aliera’s self-funded and level-funded MEC plan designs give employers and their employees less expensive alternatives to comprehensive MVPs and fully-insured group plans. They offer fundamental healthcare coverage that is

  • In accordance with the United States Preventive Task Force schedules A & B for preventive care
  • In compliance with the Affordable Care Act under the IRS definition of minimum essential coverage
  • Satisfies Penalty A as defined by the IRS and ERISA


HealthPass is a self-funded or level-funded MEC plan that meets the requirements for Penalty A while helping improve employee participation rates and potential for premium ROI. This is not an insurance product.